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Everyone Counts- Please complete your 2020 Census!

The Update Leave program has started back up in Sullivan County. As a reminder, a Census employee goes to households that don’t normally receive mail delivery to "update" our records and then "leaves" a paper questionnaire. 35% of households in Sullivan County will receive their questionnaires in this manner. Now, if someone from a household already filled out their questionnaire online or over the phone, they will likely still receive a paper questionnaire. They do not have to do it again! They can ignore the paper questionnaire and dispose of it properly.

Please make sure you are following Sullivan County Counts on all social media channels. 

2020 Sulivan County Census 6.9.20

All in person voting for Mamakating Residents will be at the Town Park

June 2020 Primaries

July 18th VFW


Museum, Grounds, and Additional Programming Set to Open Once Restrictions are Lifted June 9, 2020

(BETHEL, NY) – Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, a nonprofit cultural center located at the historic site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival, today announced the cancellation of its 2020 Pavilion Season. Bethel Woods management along with its board of trustees made the decision to suspend its Pavilion stage programming this summer as a result of the continued threat to health and safety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bethel Woods’ season was set to include over 20 shows, including James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, and The Black Crowes.

Eric Frances, Chief Executive Officer of Bethel Woods says, “Our concerts have been enjoyed against a backdrop of the invigorating summer sun and the bright moon and stars on a clear night. At other times, we endured torrential rain, lightning, and squalls of wind. And here we are, in 2020, facing what feels like the most challenging storms of our lifetime,” Frances continues, “It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that the Pavilion stage will not be opening this summer. We have worked tirelessly to navigate governmental restrictions and the pandemic’s impact on the concert industry, resulting in many artists cancelling their tours. I know this is disappointing news to all our loyal donors, members, sponsors and guests who have shared 14 summers of concerts with their friends and families. We cannot, however, safely and in good faith provide our guests the quality experience that has become the standard of Bethel Woods.”

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit cultural organization, depends on its ticket sales and the generosity of individuals and corporate underwriters in order to carry out its mission to inspire and empower individuals through shared experiences. The center, which includes a museum and a variety of programming, reaches over 250,000 guests and participants every year as it seeks to amplify and honor a historic legacy.

“Since breaking ground in 2004, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts has been a beacon of hope, promise, joy and optimism for our region. By joining together for inspiring musical performances with family, friends, and live music fans alike, we remind the world how powerful shared human experiences can make lasting memories. Last year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival – echoing the profound transformative impact that togetherness can bestow on an entire generation,” adds Frances.

At this time, many concert dates have been moved to 2021. The 800+ acre campus, consisting of multiple venues and spaces, is exploring alternative programming if viable. Frances states, “The Event Gallery, Museum and its exhibits, along with our new outdoor augmented reality tour, will open as soon as it is safe to do so. While this is not the outcome any of us desired, we assure you that we will weather this storm and connect with you in other ways until we can be together again.”

Ticket holders, Members and Season Lawn Pass holders have the option to 1) donate all or a portion of their ticket(s)/membership value to help sustain Bethel Woods and continue programming and preservation efforts at the historic site; 2) defer their value to respective 2021 events, memberships or season lawn passes; 3) receive a full refund. Any donation of tickets, memberships and season lawn passes will be matched by a generous member of the Board of Trustees. For details and FAQs on refunds please visit,

Orange & Rockland Seeks Public’s Help in Keeping a Social Distance

Asks Customers to Secure Pets to Reduce Dog-Bite Risk to Workers

To maintain the safety and health of its customers and employees, Orange & Rockland (O&R) urges the public to please refrain from approaching our crews, work sites or trucks as O&R employees read meters in the community.

All O&R employees have been instructed to follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to practice social distancing among themselves and between their crew members and the public. That becomes more difficult to do when approached by passersby who may not be as familiar with social distancing.

So, please respect social distancing and keep back from O&R work areas and remain at a safe distance from O&R workers.

In addition, O&R asks its customers who own dogs to keep their dogs on a leash, indoors or otherwise under secure control to avoid the possibility of O&R personnel being bitten while working on customer property.

O&R is well aware that its customers cherish their dogs. Every responsible dog owner knows that even the most even-tempered, gentle dog is capable of biting someone. These days when more family members are home during the day, it makes sense that dogs may feel more protective of their home turf than usual and become more agitated and aggressive when strangers appear outside the home.

That’s why, to help create the safest environment possible for both O&R employees and customers’ pets, O&R asks its customers to keep dogs on a leash, indoors or otherwise under secure control to avoid the possibility of conflict when O&R workers are present.

Check our Community Health Page for updates on the Coronavirus.



Hunter Ed Course Available Starting April 15 Prior to Start of Turkey Season

 The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced that a new online hunter education course will be available on April 15, for first-time hunters who want to hunt during New York’s turkey hunting season. Turkey hunting season runs from May 1-31, and youth turkey hunting season for New Yorkers 12 to 15 years old is April 25-26.

DEC’s Hunter Education Program (HEP) is partnering with Kalkomey Enterprises, a company that specializes in hunter education, to create this online course that can be completed in six to eight hours. The course is available to individuals 11 and older. Students can complete the course from a computer, tablet, or smart phone at any time. Visit to learn more or to sign up.

The curriculum for the online course is identical to what is taught in the traditional classroom course. Topics such as firearm safety, tree stand safety, hunting ethics, wildlife conservation, and New York State hunting laws and regulations are all covered. Students who successfully complete the online course and pass the final exam will receive a hunter education certificate and can purchase a hunting license from a DEC license issuing agent such as hardware stores and large retailers like Walmart.

The cost of the course is $19.95. The online course will be available through June 30, 2020, at

 Traditional, classroom-based courses will resume at a future date. Visit the Hunter Education Program web page for updates and more information


PEARL RIVER, NY February 25, 2020 --- O&R customers are being hounded by a new round of persistent predatory phone calls today from phony bill collectors trying to steal their money.

The scheme goes this way: individuals posing as O&R employees call unsuspecting customers and threaten them with the immediate shut off of their electric service if they don’t pay phony O&R bills with Green Dot or other prepaid debit cards.

Here are two big reasons not to believe any crook who makes a shutoff threat:

  • NO DEBIT CARDS - O&R does not accept bill payment for electric and gas utility bills by Green Dot or any other prepaid debit cards. Never has.
  • NO IMMEDIATE SHUTOFF - Disconnecting O&R electric or gas service for non-payment of bills involves a multi-step process – including written communications from O&R to the customer over a period of several days, or even weeks --- not hours. That process is regulated by the NYS Public Service Commission and NJ Board of Public Utilities.

So, if someone calls you, says they are an O&R employee and threatens to shut off your electric or gas service that day if not immediately paid through a prepaid debit card, here’s what you should do:

· Hang Up – Disengage so you’re not further subjected to the fraudulent high-pressure “sales pitch.”

· Text Trouble – After you hang up on them, the more aggressive predatory callers will try to repeat their shutoff threat by texting you. Ignore the threat.

· Don’t Hit “REDIAL” – The caller ID screen on your phone for the phony bill collector’s call may read “Orange and Rockland Utilities”, but that’s a hi-tech bogus copy of the utility company’s number. That’s not O&R. Do not redial, and don’t call the number that the caller gives you to call them back. That will reconnect you to the crook.

 · Fast Track - If you are unsure about whether you have an overdue balance on your O&R bill, the fastest way to find out is to log onto your account through to review your latest account information. You also can call O&R’s automated phone system at 1-877-434-4100. Have your Orange and Rockland account number ready and follow the automated phone prompts to check your balance.