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DATE:                                                            SEPTEMBER 6, 2020

SUBJECT                                                       MAMAKATING TO RECEIVE SULLIVAN RENAISSANCE GRANT

FOR RELEASE ON                                      TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 2:00 PM



Supervisor Janet Lybolt has responded to the announcement of the award of $175,000 Silver Feather Award under the first year of the Sullivan Renaissance Impact Grant Program, to be used for the repair of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Bloomingburg. The required $25,000 town share will create a $200,000 project.

Work to be done as detailed in a May 2019 Building Condition Report by architect Stephen Tilly includes repair of exterior wood elements, securing window frames, restoring damaged tower louvers and interior plaster repair. A thorough structural examination of the 80-foot tower may also be completed.

Grant funds are a combination of $50,000 from Sullivan Renaissance and $125,000 in state funds secured for the Renaissance grant program by Senator Jen Metzger.

Supervisor Lybolt commented, “Bloomingburg and Town residents are committed to preserving this structure as a community resource. In 2018 they expressed this by a vote of 550 to 31 in favor of the Town keeping the building". She added "of special note is the intense campaign mounted by the Bloomingburg Restoration Foundation. They will be an important partner of the Town as the grant work is done."

The next steps are for the Town to sign a grant contract with Sullivan Renaissance and file grant application documents with the Dormitory Authority of the State of NY (DASNY) which administers the state's portion of the grant.

Mamakating has benefitted from numerous grants from Sullivan Renaissance in the past. These have improved the Town Park, landscaping at Town Hall and the rail trail and new windows for the town-owned art gallery at 73 Sullivan Street.

A $2,500 technical Assistance grant from Sullivan Renaissance in 2019 was used to partially offset the cost of Stephen Tilly's Building Condition Report. This provided the expert detail and cost estimates that were used in the Town's application.

The Town also received a 2020 Municipal Partnership Grant of $4,224 from Sullivan Renaissance which was used for a new welcome sign, new gardens around the sign and, peace dove and redesigned gardens at the front of Town Hall.

Lybolt added, "Given the current financial condition of the State and non-profits, we are pleased that these funds are still available. With the drop in municipal revenues, we would not be able to make major repairs to the Church without grant funds

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NO Motorized Vehicles Vertical

Orange & Rockland Seeks Public’s Help in Keeping a Social Distance

Asks Customers to Secure Pets to Reduce Dog-Bite Risk to Workers

To maintain the safety and health of its customers and employees, Orange & Rockland (O&R) urges the public to please refrain from approaching our crews, work sites or trucks as O&R employees read meters in the community.

All O&R employees have been instructed to follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to practice social distancing among themselves and between their crew members and the public. That becomes more difficult to do when approached by passersby who may not be as familiar with social distancing.

So, please respect social distancing and keep back from O&R work areas and remain at a safe distance from O&R workers.

In addition, O&R asks its customers who own dogs to keep their dogs on a leash, indoors or otherwise under secure control to avoid the possibility of O&R personnel being bitten while working on customer property.

O&R is well aware that its customers cherish their dogs. Every responsible dog owner knows that even the most even-tempered, gentle dog is capable of biting someone. These days when more family members are home during the day, it makes sense that dogs may feel more protective of their home turf than usual and become more agitated and aggressive when strangers appear outside the home.

That’s why, to help create the safest environment possible for both O&R employees and customers’ pets, O&R asks its customers to keep dogs on a leash, indoors or otherwise under secure control to avoid the possibility of conflict when O&R workers are present.