Fire Inspection Hazards Checklist

Remember to change your smoke detector battery at least once a year!
  1. General Tips
  2. Multi-Family
Fire Inspection Hazards Checklist
  • Building is numbered and equipped with a key vault system (Knox box)
  • Exits/egress are not locked or obstructed from inside the building and are lighted. (keyed and surface bolts prohibited)
  • Fire sprinkler/alarm and kitchen fire suppression systems are not impaired and have been serviced, tested and inspected by qualified technicians. Records are available for inspection.
  • Fire extinguishers are checked monthly and tagged annually.
  • Employees are trained with fire extinguishers, fire protection equipment and emergency procedures.
  • Fire doors are not wedged or blocked open.
  • Do not hang or cover ceilings or walls with combustible material/decorations.
  • Open flame is not used in areas of assembly or egress.
  • There are no open/exposed electrical wiring or hazards. Extension cords are not used on permanent appliances.
  • Heating equipment operates properly. Only approved heating equipment in assembly space. Natural gas valves are accessible.
  • Flammable liquids are not stored inside building.
  • Trash and combustible waste must be stored in metal containers with a lid.
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