Mamakating First Aid Squad

The Mamakating First Aid Squad serves all the residents in the Town and has been in service for over 45 years. It is with great pleasure that they continue to serve their neighbors in times of emergency. In the past 12 months, the Squad responded to over 600 medical emergency calls.
History of the Mamakating First Aid Squad
The First Aid Squad was organized out of necessity in our community. A young boy lay in the road for 2 hours following a car-bicycle accident before Horton Hospital could send an ambulance.
This incident stirred enough interest to make it possible for Ross Horton and Harold Lindsay to spearhead the organization. Ross handled the publicity and Harold recruited and trained the volunteers.The squad was incorporated on April 14, 1961.
Interested in joining?
The Squad will provide training and support but needs you to provide your time and dedication. Please call 888-2544.